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Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection that is not common, but if contracted can affect your pregnancy. .

As toxoplasmosis is present in different forms, it can be contracted in different ways:

  1. Eating undercooked meat from an infected animal (pork and beef)
  2. Eating food contaminated by infected insects
  3. Contact with feces from infected animals (outdoor cats)
  4. Contact with infected materials or insects in soil (through gardening)

For this reason, women are encouraged to govern themselves slightly differently during pregnancy.


If you own or care for cats, you should avoid changing the kitty-litter box. If you need to change the box, make sure to use a mask and gloves and discard them appropriately. FYI – the cat itself has a very low risk of passing toxoplasmosis to you – it is the feces that you should avoid.

When gardening, wear gloves, and wash your produce thoroughly before eating.

Lastly, when cooking, make sure you meat is always well-cooked. Steak should be well-done, never rare.

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